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Eldrige Kgaswane

Eldridge Kgaswane

Ph.D. Degree Candidate
University of the Witwatersrand and Penn State University

I am a South African by birth. I completed my MSc degree in seismology at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa by the year 2001. From the year 2002 up to present, I have been employed as a seismologist at the Council for Geoscience, Pretoria, South Africa. My current primary responsibilities in the Council for Geoscience are as follows:

  • Give technical support to the electronic technicians by ensuring that new seismograph stations (installed as part of the upgrade of the national network) are properly constructed and sensors are calibrated.

  • Research into analytical and mathematical methods with the aim of improving interpretation and mapping of regional seismicity.

  • Involved in commercial projects e.g. Infrasound monitoring, CTBTO, Department of Mining and Energy Water Ingress Project.

I have recently started my PhD research project as part of the Africa-Array programme. This research project will be conducted under the partnership of the Council for Geoscience, University of the Witwatersrand and Penn State University, who are all the founding partners of the Africa-Array programme. The first part of my PhD studies is aimed at using teleseismic earthquakes recorded by the Africa-Array and SASE (South African Seismic Experiment, 1997 - 1999) networks to study the crust and uppermost mantle structure of South Africa. Whilst the second part of my studies is aimed at understanding the crustal structure of South Africa in more details. The idea in the second part is to use local mining seismicity to invert for a 3-D crustal structure and use numerical methods in simulating regional body wave propagation.