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Gabriel Daudi Mulibo

Gabriel Daudi Mulibo

Ph.D. Degree Candidate
Penn State University

I’m from Tanzania and am currently pursuing graduate studies at Penn State University as part of AfricaArray. One of the aims of the project is to understand mantle dynamics through investigating the origin and characterizing the structure of the African Superplume. My thesis project focuses on the imaging the details of the crustal and the upper mantle structure along the Western branch of the East African Rift Sytem using body wave tomography, receiver function and shear wave splitting methods.

The integration of these methods will provide the best constraint in the crustal and the upper mantle structure beneath the EARS. While the tomography will provide the model for the velocity structure and detect velocity anomalies in the crust and the upper mantle, receiver functions from converted phases will be applied to image seismic discontinuities down to the mantle transition zone. Shear wave splitting will be applied to image the regions of anisotropy and their relation to deformation process and mantle flow.

The project will use the data from a seismic experiment composed of broadband seismic stations in Tanzania and Uganda deployed for the between 8/2007-7/2010.

Upon completion of my Ph.D., I hope to return to a faculty position at the University of Dar es Salaam.