Academic Programmes - student biographies

Alysa J. Young

M.S. Degree Candidate, The Pennsylvania State University

Alysa obtained her B.S., Geosciences degree from The Pennsylvania State University in December 2009. Starting with a degree in general science at Penn State, Erie, she eventually found her way into the geosciences and transferred to main campus. She worked under Dr. Charles Ammon for her undergraduate senior thesis on volcano seismology, determining the Vp/Vs and Poisson’s ratios for the island of Montserrat in the Lesser Antilles island arc.

Alysa decided to continue her education as a Masters student at Penn State in August 2010 and is currently working with Dr. Andy Nyblade. Her research will consist of using both P- and S-wave receiver functions to determine structure, thicknesses and Vp/Vs ratios within eastern Africa’s Tanzanian basins.