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Academic Programmes

B.Sc. Degree Programme

Entry Requirements/Application Material for B.Sc. Degree Programme

Students interested in applying to the AfricaArray B.Sc. degree programme must meet the University of the Witwatersrand entrance requirements (For more information: http://www.science.wits.ac.za). Application materials can be downloaded from the following web site: http://www.wits.ac.za/postgrad. For details contact Dr. Mike Jones, jonesm@gesociences.wits.ac.za.

Course Content for B.Sc. Degree Programme

To complete the 3-year B.Sc. programme, a student must take a minimum number of courses during each year of study, and obtain a total of 396 course points to graduate. Each course in the B.Sc. structure has been assigned a number of points. At present, 36 points are awarded for a first-year level course, 48 for a second-year level course and 72 for a third-year level course. Many course combinations can lead to a degree (for details contact Raymond.Durrheim@wits.ac.za .

Core subjects in the B.Sc. programme are taught as year-long courses over two semesters. Some of the courses have been divided into topics, e.g., Advanced Earth Science III (GEOL 303), which includes topics in Geology, Geography, Geophysics, Palaeontology, Environmental Earth Science, Mining Engineering, Zoology and Chemistry. Full details of all courses/topics in the School of Geosciences can be found on the SoG website (http://www.wits.ac.za/geosciences).

The following undergraduate courses are offered by teaching departments within the SoG:

Course Level Course Code Comment
First Year Courses:
Geology I for Geologists GEOL 104 This is the mainstream first year course
Geology I for Mining Engineers GEOL 105 & 106 GEOL105 and GEOL106 are taught in the 1st and 2 nd semester respectively
Second Year Courses:
Geology II GEOL 204 This is the mainstream second year course
Complementary Earth Science II GEOL 201 This course is taught in the School of Mining Engineering and has a strong emphasis on mining geology
Third Year Courses:
Geology III GEOL 308 This is the mainstream third year course
Advanced Earth Science III GEOL 303 This course enables students intending to major in GEOLOGY or GEOGRAPHY to strengthen the applied Earth Science content of their curriculum through the provision of a wide variety of topics across a range of disciplines. This course has a strong emphasis on mining, exploration and environmental topics