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Diversity programmes in africa


AfricaArray benefits from partnerships with corporate, government and academic organizations and is actively seeking new partners to advance, promote and enhance its diversity program. Support from these organizations is critical to recruiting African students from historically disadvantaged communities to careers in the geosciences and to sustaining that pipeline of talented students.

As a growing initiative, AfricaArray depends upon corporate relationships to support and expand the educational experiences that attract students from historically disadvantaged communities into the geosciences. Corporate partners have a number of opportunities by which they can support AfricaArray’s diversity programs. These include:

Offering internships and other career development opportunities to AfricaArray students;

Supporting AfricaArray’s geophysics field course;

and funding scholarships to support students.

Corporate partners in Africa that have provided support to AfricaArray’s diversity programmes include:

Anglo Platinum

Anglo American

African Rainbow Minerals

BHP Billiton