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AfricaArray provides undergraduate students with hands-on training and an international cultural experience through its innovative fivet-week, annual summer field courses based at Penn State.

The inaugural field course focused on geophysics and provided physics, math, engineering and geoscience students from minority-serving institutions with exposure to geophysics field methods, modeling techniques and career opportunities.

Students who are admitted to the course receive a stipend and have all expenses paid including travel, food and lodging.

The field courses begin at Penn State with a two-week orientation introducing students to the geology and culture of South Africa.

They then travel to South Africa for three weeks. The typical schedule includes a week-long collaboration with students at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) to design a field project followed by data collection at a field site. That week-long field experience is then followed by data analysis and interpretation at Wits.

In addition to the field and lab work, students have opportunities for cultural experiences and sightseeing while in Johannesburg.

How to Apply
Interested students need to contact by e-mail to Dr. Andy Nyblade ( for inform.

This program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Penn State.

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