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Partnerships: An Investment in the Future

AfricaArray owes much of its growth and success to its partners across industry, academia and government. Their support takes many forms: Some underwrite grants and contracts; others contribute equipment, offer technical assistance, or provide access to data sets or research sites; still others supervise students, provide student scholarships or work with student interns.

Partners benefit as well: They acquire new knowledge and data; they share in the development of new technologies and techniques; and they build relationships with the next generation of African geoscientists.

AfricaArray is actively seeking new partners in and outside of Africa to help expand its observatory network and broaden its educational and research programs.

Requirements to become a partner are minimal: An organization must have some link to Africa’s natural resource sector through training, research, exploration, production, management or the environment; and an organization must be willing to engage in a Memorandum of Understanding or negotiate a contract that sets the terms of the partnership.

Co-Directors Paul Dirks (paul.dirks@wits.ac.za) and Andy Nyblade (aan2@psu.edu) can provide more information for partners in determining how their organizations can help advance the goals of AfricaArray.

Founding Partners

AfricaArray was established through a partnership of three organizations: The University of the Witwatersrand ( Johannesburg, South Africa), the Council for Geoscience ( Pretoria, South Africa), and The Pennsylvania State University ( University Park, Pa., U.S.). The three provided $1.7M to launch AfricaArray in 2004 and continue to support it through financial and in-kind contributions of equipment and technical assistance, administration of educational programmes, stipends for graduate students, and sponsoring of research projects.

Sponsoring Partners

AfricaArray owes much of its continued growth and success to its long-term relationships with sponsoring partners. The value of these relationships flows both ways. With additional resources, AfricaArray can expand its research programme and observatory network into new areas and can broaden its educational and research focus to other fields besides geophysics.

Sponsoring partners gain, too. They have increased access to advanced technical data and research results. They can help shape education and training programmes to meet their needs. And through internships and collaborative research projects, they can identify the next generation of well-trained and talented African geoscientists.

There are many opportunities to become involved with AfricaArray as a sponsoring partner from funding research projects to in-kind contributions of equipment and technical assistance. Requirements to become a sponsoring partner are few and the application process is short and uncomplicated. Application and details are provided in the Opportunities for Partnership section.

AfricaArray is proud that the opportunities for and the number of sponsoring partners continue to grow. See our Current Partners page for a list of Sponsoring Partners.

Affiliated Partners

AfricaArray also depends upon many affiliated partners to help with its education and research programmes. These partners help promote AfricaArray often through in-kind support. They may help to establish and operate one or more geophysical observatories, provide technical or logistical support, or supervise graduate and postdoctoral students. They also may provide research or short-term training opportunities for students.

The requirements to become an affiliated partner are few; the application materials can be found in the Opportunities for Partnership section.

See our Current Partners page for a list of Affiliated Partners.