Our People

Administrative Staff

EllisAgnes Pointeer joined AfricaArray in 2016 at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). She has administrative and financial responsibility for the AfricaArray program at Wits. She also oversees the annual AfricaArray workshop held each year. She can be reached at Agnes.Pointeer@wits.ac.za

Antonia MooneyBarbara Peragine, joined the AfricaArray team in June 2015 as the program Administrative Coordinator. Which includes financial and administrative responsibilities in support of the AfricaArray program at Penn State. Barbara has extensive knowledge and experience working at Penn State in research management, accounting, undergraduates, graduates, staff and faculty. She can be reached at bip1@psu.edu.


Technical Staff

Gerhard van AswegenGerhard van Aswegen began work at the Council for Geoscience in late 2005 as the AfricaArray staff member responsible for helping to develop and maintain the permanent AfricaArray seismic stations. Since 2005, van Aswegen has assisted with station installation and maintenance in Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. His position is funded primarily by the Council for Geoscience. Prior to taking this position, Gerhard worked as a seismic analyst for ISSI. He can be reached at gvaswegen@geoscience.org.za.

Academic Staff and Faculty

Gordon CooperDr. Gordon Cooper: Gordon Cooper, Professor, School of Earth Sciences and Chairman of the Geophysics group at the University of the Witwatersrand. Some of his research interests are image processing ; sunshading, feature detection, textural analysis, PCA; Signal processing ; fractional calculus, wavelets; Inverse theory ; connections with chaos theory and fractals; Miscellaneous ; Euler deconvolution, climatology, cellular automata. He can be reached at: gordon.cooper@wits.ac.za
Michael JonesDr. Michael Jones: Michael Jones, is a Senior Research Officer at the University of the Witswatersrand. His research interests are thermal structure of the crust and upper mantle; geodynamics and plate tectonics; recent climatic history and heat flow applications in mine refrigeration. Dr. Jones' main field of specialization is terrestrial heat flow. He can be reached at: michael.jones@wits.ac.za
vandermeijdeDr. Mark van der Meijde: Professor Mark van der Meijde is an Associate Professor on '3D geological modelling' in ITC's department of Earth Systems Analysis. Main research interest is the making the link between remotely sensed surface and subsurface information. Fields of application focus on geophysics, 3D geological modelling, integrating space (satellite gravity) and airborne remote sensing with seismology for geo-hazards and tectonics, and 3D environmental modelling, particularly focussing on detection of natural and man-made hydrocarbon leakages. He can be reached at: vandermeijde@itc.nl
Sue WebbSusan Webb: Sue Webb, Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her current research is focused on the application of 3D modelling of the southern African regional gravity field to constrain properties of the Kaapvaal tectosphere. These gravity models are constrained by and integrated with the results from the seismological and geochemical studies of the Kaapvaal project. I am particularly interested in projects integrating diverse data sets, including geophysical, geological, petrologic, isotopic and geochemical information.On a smaller scale I am currently developing a consistent gravity, magnetic and seismological model of the Bushveld Complex that accounts for thickened crust under the Bushveld.I am also interested in the integration of geophysical methods applied to exploration, environmental and archaeological problems with a special focus on potential field methods. This includes high-resolution studies, including the practical aspects of data collection. She can be reached at: susan.webb@wits.ac.za