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MangongoloAfricaArray Graduate Student Looks Forward to Career in Government

Azangi Mangongolo’s interest in seismology has taken him around the globe: As a government seismologist in his homeland of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mangongolo studied in Japan for a year. When he left the war-torn DRC, he became the only seismologist in his adopted country of Namibia.

Today, he travels between South Africa, Namibia and the U.S., enrolled as a graduate student in AfricaArray’s “sandwich program” at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and Penn State. He anticipates completing his Master’s this year and then starting on his Ph.D. with a focus on seismology.

“This program offers a large research group and one-to-one interaction with faculty,” said Mangongolo, who works for the Geological Survey of Namibia. “Accessibility to software is another advantage.”

The father of four is investigating the deep structure of the southern margin of the Congro Craton, which lies beneath central southern Africa. Determining the craton’s structure may help identify areas likely to have diamonds.

Like other graduate students in the Wits-Penn State sandwich program, Mangongolo has a history with AfricaArray. In 2004, he was invited by AfricaArray to participate in a conference in Italy.

And while working for the Geological Survey of Namibia, Mangongolo used some of the data provided by AfricaArray seismic stations.