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Technical Training Programme

Sponsor of Technical Training Course

The technical training of personnel to operate and maintain seismic equipment for AfricaArray is performed by the Council for Geoscience (CGS) both at the CGS's offices in Pretoria and in the field at selected AfricaArray stations. The Council for Geoscience has been training station operators from many African countries over the past few years in the topics outlined below. Certificates are issued when the station operators complete the training course.

The majority of the course will consist of a series of practical exercises, during which the students may obtain hands-on training and thus familiarize themselves with the equipment.

Objectives of the Training Course

The objectives of the technical training course is to present both a theoretical and practical introduction to the seismological instrumentation that will be used at AfricaArray stations.

Proposed Course Description

The course will be structured in such a way as to expose the student to both the theoretical and practical aspects of a seismological station, such as:

These aspects will be covered by the following subjects:


For more information about the technical training programme and how to apply please contact Michelle Grobbelaar at